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Why Aren't You A Doctor Yet?


"Why Aren't You A Doctor Yet?" is a science podcast hosted by Alex Lathbridge, Oz Ismail, Hana Ayoob and Suhail Patel. 

Consider it a science podcast for people who aren't usually into science podcasts.

With 2 half-finished PhD's and one full-time journalism job between them, they consider themselves pretty qualified to dissect and deride the cutting edge of science and tech.

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Episode 5:
Fake Terrorism, Twitter and Mass Hysteria

Oz explains his coffee addiction, we talk about the fake terror attack at Oxford Circus and Suhail explains how misinformation can spread through the media.

We also discuss the Irish Fright of 1688 - whatever that was.

Episode 4:
Racist Gaydar & The Science of Attractiveness

Oz talks about software that some think can predict your sexual orientation based on how you look (if you're a white male)

We discuss the science behind what you find attractive.

Episode 3.5:
Is Cake A Material? (BONUS)

In which Suhail anthropomorphises semen, Oz drinks whiskey and Anna plays Coolio on a trumpet mouthpiece.

This is a special episode to say thank you for all the support we've received in the last few weeks.


Episode 3:
Smart Materials (ft. Anna Ploszajski)

We have our first guest - comedian, author and materials expert Anna Ploszajski!

She talks about smart materials and why our future might look like Big Hero 6.

In the mean time, we've got Oz talking about his super gonorrhea problem and Suhail gets sad about fish depression.

Episode 2:
Geniuses, Sad Flights & Blue Planet 2

We find out which films make for the saddest flights and whether or not we're geniuses.

In the first ever Pet or Pagan, Alex and Oz go head to head to get Suhail to feel some kind of way about animals and Blue Planet 2.

Bro cells, Tinder & Uber 2.0

We discuss Tinder hoarding data, what happens when you don't sleep and what might replace Uber in London.

Plus, Oz answers some of Suhail's amazing science questions!