Alex Lathbridge

Biochemist | Science Communicator | Comedian



Alex Lathbridge is a peptide biochemist and computational biologist studying for a PhD in novel peptide therapeutics at the University of Bath.

In 2014, he graduated with a degree in Biochemistry, with a research focus on molecular modelling of protein-protein interactions in migraine pathways.

Before his PhD, Alex worked for the BBC, supporting programmes such as Horizon and creating explosive online content. He’s also absurdly knowledgeable about the science of cooking.


Alex is a keen science communicator and regularly performs stand-up at Science Showoff and other events across the country, including Green Man Festival, Blue Dot and Cheltenham Science Festival.

He hosts geek comedy night "Large Stand-Up Collider" at the Science Museum Lates, and was the 2017 winner of FameLab. He is also a member of the Science Showoff Talent Factory, supporting and mentoring future science communicators, as well as developing his own performance.

His podcast - Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet? - combines science and tech journalism with pop-culture and the millennial experience. It’s found an audience with young people who didn’t feel represented in science/tech media and regularly features in Apple’s top science podcasts.



Photographer: Dr Steve Cross